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Rethinking employee referral systems

For the majority of corporations, employee referrals proved to be by far the most successful recruitment channels. But do we exploit its full potential? Firstbird – Europe’s leading employee referral system – provides a solution to utilize the additional potential of referral systems to fully digitalize the process.

Our software is being used by more than 200.000.- employees on a daily basis in Europe, and according to feedback, the number of candidates coming through employee referrals at companies using the platform has increased by 66%. Firstbird can boost the efficiency of the recruitment process, the number of applicants and the company’s online presence.

How is Firstbird different?

Mobil First

Optimized for mobile (iOS and Android app).

GDPR Terms and Conditions

Firstbird complies with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


By reason of gamification and social media integration, the employer is guaranteed to strengthen the employer brand.


The system sends automatic notifications, therefore communication between the recommender and HR is continuous.


In order to maintain continuous activity and attention, the system uses a rewarding system for its users, thus playfully sustaining their motivation.


It can be integrated with the most commonly used ATSs (= Application Tracking System), thus reducing administrative tasks; moreover, Single Sign-On integration is also available.

Our best statistical results are:

  • 40% less time-to-hire
  • Colleagues who come through internal recommendation stay 25% longer
  • 30% cost reduction expected at cost-per-hire level
  • The proportion of colleagues who come through the system increases by 25% in one year (We have a partner where we were able to reach a rate of over 40% for positions filled from recommendations.)

Among our national clients:

Some of the world’s leading companies use Firstbird:

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longer employment of employees for companies
higher number of candidates coming from employee referrals
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is enough on average to fill open positions

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